Raise funds, save lives

Help your local air ambulance keep flying and saving lives

Alternative gift

Ask for donations instead of presents for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or Christmas

Host an event

Whether it’s a tea party, a buffet, a barbecue or by inviting one of our speakers to give a talk, ask your guests them to make a donation in return for good food or entertainment

Sell your unwanted items in aid of our charity

Whether through an online auction site, a car boot sale or by donating to our charity shops


Take on a challenge and ask your friends and family support. It could be anything from a run to shaving your head!

Night in for NWAA

Stay in on an evening you would normally go out, and donate the money you’ve saved to the North West Air Ambulance.

Attend one of our events – there are a wide range of events taking place in aid of the North West Air Ambulance.

Don’t forget

to find out if your employer has a matched funding scheme. Many companies match £1 for £1 up to a set amount for employees who take part in fundraising for charity

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